Friday, January 28, 2011

Morning Sex improves Immune System




Couples who regularly make love in the morning not only have a better relationship, their health is also a lot better off by doing so.

If your have sex in the morning, a hormone called oxytocin is released that makes you feel safe and happy all day long . Therefore your relationship with your partner will improve.

"Morning sex also makes you stronger and better. It improves your immune system by increasing the IgA levels, an antibody protecting against infections. And it gives chemicals free, boosting our levels of estrogen, improving the skin tone and quality of our hair is improved, "concludes Dr. Herb Nick, author of" Because It Feels Good ".

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Perfect Lips: How To?




Lips are the first thing men look at when they judge the attractiveness of a woman. With our tips you can be sure that you always have great lips.

A line may seem a little bit old-fashioned, it still stays secretly a perfect tool to make your lips look fuller. Draw a line on top of the boundary of your lips. Make sure that the color of the pencil is of the same color as that of the lipstick, otherwise you make yourself ridiculous.

Dull colored lipsticks make your lips look smaller. So go for a bit of lip gloss to make your lips appear fuller. A lip primer gives also a fuller effect, and it also ensures that the lipstick stays in place.

Red lipstick

According to makeup specialists, anyone can use with red lipstick, it's all about finding the right shade. So try out different red colors in the store until you've found your color. One of the advantages of red and other bright lipstick is that your teeth are automatically whiter.

Optical illusion

For an optical illusion on your Cupid's bow (the bow of your upper lip) draw a line in a slightly lighter shade. This helps you achieve your lips look naturally fuller and healthier. Apply a little gloss in the center of your lower lip and it will provide the same optical effect.

How-To step by step

First, apply a balm to your lips and leave the product for a few minutes. Wipe away any excess ointment with a tissue.

Put some concealer on your lips so they get a neutral tone and put the concealer in place with a little face powder.

Draw with a pencil a border around your lips. Start at the Cupid's bow and work further to the sides of the lips.

Provide the same lipstick color as your lip liner and use a brush to fill the color on your lips. Press a tissue between your lips to get rid of any excess and then apply a second coat of lipstick to obtain a solid color.

Going for red lips? Make sure the rest of your makeup is very sober.

Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake and Kim Kardashian announce online death




Celebrities such as Alicia Keys, Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake, Kim and Khloe Kardashian, Usher, Jennifer Hudson, Ryan Seacrest, Elijah Wood and Serena Williams stop on December 1, 2010 with all their online activities. The stop is retained until the organization "Keep A Child Alive' has collected $ 1,000,000.

'Keep a Child Alive' is an organization that raises money to help fight AIDS. "It is remarkable that no one cares about the thousands of deaths caused by this disease, while a celebrity's online death can bring about an online storm," say the organizers of 'Keep a Child Alive'.

The initiative comes from Alicia Keys. Lady Gaga has 7 million followers on Twitter and all the other celebrities have on average one million. "If all these people donate a little money, they can soon be enjoying again their favorite twitter posts", said Keys. The celebrities are fully available for the initiative. "Everyone I've contacted said yes." The celebrities will also feature in a TV commercial where they lie in a coffin to announce their Internet death.

December 1 has previously been declared a World Aids day.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Why “Women are always Tired”.


Why Women are more Tired than Men


Women have a lot more problems with fatigue than men. When they fall asleep in front of the TV or during a movie it isn't really their choice.

Men hate it when their partner falls asleep in front of the TV. They accuse them of being uninterested or distant. Yet many women do not inflict it, according to a U.S. study. 78% of women have very low scores on the fatigue scale. So women face a lack of sleep, they fall more difficult asleep, and they end up at home after their working hours with a lot more household tasks than their men.

Women spend on average 33 hours per week to the household, whereas men barely 12 hours. Tags: ,,,

Kate Middleton not to end up as Lady Diana


After announcing Kate Middleton's engagement to Prince William the future princess gets courses offered by the royal family. Objective: not to end up as Lady Diana. The 29-year-old Middleton gets lessons in "being princess". She will learn all about etiquette and receive psychological counseling to prepare for a lonely life in the spotlights.
"She'll have to accept that she'll never be the most important for William, the crown and the country come first," insiders said.
In the meanwhile is Kate so nervous that William's family fears that she'll follow the same path as Lady Di. Apparently the former princess Diana felt lonely and abandoned already a month after her marriage.
Kate and William are to wed april 29 at Westminster Abbey.

Kate Middleton gets course not to end as Lady Diana

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

How a Love Triangle led to High-Altitude Murder in Belgium

Love Triangle leads to Parachute Murder in BelgiumParachute Murder: how Love Triangle leads to High-Altitude Murder

Both had a passion for Skydiving. They both had a passion for the same handsome Dutchman. Every weekend they went skydiving  with Mr. Somers. This love triangle led to murder at 13,000 feet: the parachute cords of both pilot chute and reserve parachute were cut by Els Clottemans, (left picture) leaving her alleged love rival, a married mother-of-two plunge to death. This happened a fortnight after the victim, Els van Doren (right picture) spent the night in her lover’s arms, while Els Clottemans was forced to sleep on the bench in the same house - also leaving her the opportunity to tamper with the parachute.

Els Clottemans, a 26-year old Belgian schoolteacher was charged with murder in November 2006, because as an experienced skydiver she had the knowledge and the opportunity to sabotage the parachute. She became a prime suspect after attempting suicide shortly before she was to make a statement to police a month after Els van Doren’s “dive of death”.

Minds are like parachutes. They only work when they're open

On her personal page on Hi5, a social network, the about: section says: “I'm not a concept. Too many guys think I'm a concept or I complete them or I'm going to make them alive, but I'm just a f****d up girl who is looking for my own peace of mind.” And then her favorite quote:  “Minds are like parachutes. They only work when they're open

The trial started four weeks ago with 170+ witnesses and was colored with contradictions and lies from the accused (she refused the lie-detector test), who spent in the meantime already one year in prison. There is no hard evidence to prove  guiltiness, but because of the profiling results of the accused and because of various other indications there’s almost no doubt left: she committed the murder, in cold blood, to eliminate a love rival !

Today 20 October at 19:00 hours the jury composed of 5 women and 7 men gave the verdict: GUILTY!

The condemned  Els Clottemans shows absolutely no emotion, as she did throughout the whole four week long trial…

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Curcumin Helps Fighting Cancer


The yellow spice Curcumin not only creates the spicy character with curries, it also helps fight against cancer. That's the conclusion of Researchers at the University of Leicester.

Curcumin is extracted from the roots of the curcuma plant. The herb is very strong and, thanks to its yellow color is used to make more colorful curries and spice them. But now it appears the spice also has particular anticancer properties. "After each treatment, there remain a few cancer cells in the body, which could not be destroyed through chemotherapy. Our research shows that Curcumin attacks certain cells so intense that they gradually disappear," say the researchers.

Heartache REALLY hurts physically

Heartache Really Hurts Physically

Heartache often feels like a stab in the heart, but now it seems that the famous feeling really affects your heart.

Heartache affects not only emotionally, physically it has a heavy impact as well. More specific, scientists discovered at the University of Leiden and Amsterdam in the Netherlands that your heart actually slows down when you are rejected. According to the researchers  unexpected rejections have an particularly profound impact on the heart quality.

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