Thursday, April 15, 2010

Work At Your Body As a Real Celeb

One can work at his body easily as celebrities do: Madonna bikram yoga, Nicola Kidman pilates and Anne Hathaway jogging.

Celebrities look any time of the day slim and streamlined.
Following are their biggest secrets on fitness.

Arms like Madonna

Madonna is known for her strong muscular body. She could achieve such a body thanks to Bikram Yoga. This form of Yoga is practised in a very hot room making the muscles more flexible: they warm up faster and so your exercise has faster results. Moreover it gives you less problems with injuries. Because of the intense heat you will also sweat very much, so that all the waste from your body will be removed, and that in turn gets you a beautiful skin.


Not the usual meditation form, but the intense version, also known as bootcamp Pilates. Nicole Kidman is a fan, she even has a personal trainer who specialized in this intense sport form. During the session you move to a steady beat and make use of a reformer, a fitness machine that the resistance and hence the intensity of the sport sessions increases. Although this bootcamp Pilates does not give you the appropriate rest the ordinary meditation version promises, it gives you faster a leaner and tight body.


Actresses Anne Hathaway and Katie Holmes stick to the old jogging. Advantage is that you can practice the sport virtually anywhere, you need no special tools nor personal trainer. Remember that half an hour running burns you 270 calories on average. And there are other classic sports that can help you well on your way to burn fat: 450 calories get burned while swimming half an hour and half an hour bike ride burns about 90 calories.
Let's go!

Lascivious Danish in Sexy Lingerie Commercial

Celebrity and former model Nivea Sarah Grunewald takes lascivious poses in a sexy video for Forrest and Bob.

The latest commercial of Forrest and Bob Underwear is breathtaking ...

Sarah Grunewald, a Danish supermodel that once was the face of Nivea, shows the latest hot spot in lingerie. Besides the fact that she takes many lascivious poses, the brunette, with her 84-61-86 sizes, also goes out of her bra.

Watch the YouTube video at your own risk.

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