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Colleague AND/OR Friend?

Colleague AND/OR Friend? Work Atmosphere, Friends at Work and Promotion

Most of your life are you working, most of the time you spend with your colleagues. It is therefore not illogical that there are close ties forged between colleagues. Almost half of the workers sees his colleagues as friends and that brings advantages and disadvantages.

If you are working daily more than eight hours, it will leave you little free time left and it is very difficult to maintain social contacts. Friends at work can fill the need for social contact. Sometimes it is easier to meet with a colleague after work than with a friend from outside.

Work Atmosphere

Separate Work and Private is not necessary as long as you do take into account a number of things. In an office environment there is a lot of gossip. Be also aware that they're is also talking about you. Do not too quickly assume that everyone on the work floor has good intentions. A so-called friend who knows a lot about you could perfectly well pass confidential things to colleagues and thus ruin the work atmosphere for you completely.
Of course you do not have to look at all things that bad. Friends at work also ensure that the work environment improves. It is an additional reason to go happy to work. If one day your friend does not feel like working, your work should not suffer.


Most friendships start when you have to work closely together or even if you in some way dependent on somebody. If you are promoted it is important not to handle your friends from work to carefully. Dare to point out mistakes they make and stay a maximum objective at all times.

Moreover, friendship at work is not always a golden formula or a guarantee of success. Some good friends at work can have more than enough.

Eliza Dushku uses Coffee Ground as Face Scrub

Eliza Dushku uses Coffee Ground as Face Scrub, strawberries as toothpaste.

Actress Eliza Dushku is famous for its beautiful skin complexion. Want the same heavenly glow? No problem, all you need is some coffee ground.

"I mix my cleanser every morning with some coffee ground. This gives you a natural scrub that makes your skin glow tremendously. A beautiful skin should not cost much money, says Dushku on her Twitter page.

Dushku is not the only celebrity who likes cheap beauty secrets. Celeb Catherine Zeta-Jones gets her beautiful hair shining as she washes it everyday with beer. For her perfect smile, she uses strawberries each morning to brush her teeth. Celebrity Leighton Meester has always believed that you best apply shampoo to dry hair and that way the product is better absorbed. Kim Kardashian would then only sleep on silk pillows to combat wrinkles.

Sniff Your Cravings Away

Sniff Your Cravings Away with the Dietsniffer from Puressential: 5 calming saturated Essential Oils from the aromatherapy specialist.

 Women on diets occasionally yearn for a piece of cake or a chocolate bar. Some resists the tentation, but the majority doesn't resist at the sight of a vending machine. Therefore aromatherapy specialist Puressentiel specially developed the dietsniffer.

When you are having cravings for something unhealthy and/or sweet, just use your inhaler and the cravings are gone. At least that's what the manufacturer Puressentiel claims. The inhaler is a composition of 5 calming, saturated essential oils that help to fight hunger. Whether the power of these flavors also helps women who are long-term diet, is however questionable.

Appetite Puressentiel of the inhaler is available in pharmacies for around 9.08 euros or 12 US dollars (8 GPB).

Marc Jacobs Opens Bookshop in New-York

Fashion Designer Marc Jacobs Opens Bookshop in New-York, walks in footsteps Karl Lagerfeld, head designer of Chanel.

Fashion designer Marc Jacobs is opening a bookstore. The designer had previously announced to become a barkeeper. The hip bookstore will be located in New York, next to one of his boutiques.

What kind of books Jacobs bookstore will have for sale be is not yet known. The fashion designer seems to be walking in the footsteps of Karl Lagerfeld, the head designer of Chanel. Karl Lagerfeld has long been known for his activities outside his design career. Jacobs had previously said to open a cafe next to one of his other New York Marc Jacobs boutiques.

Butt Lift Without Surgery

Butt Lift with Bikini-underwear from Karen Heart: no need for Brazilian Butt Lift Plastic Surgery because of diets, aging and stress.

Diets, aging, stress, ... There are many reasons why your buttocks may lose their round shape. Thanks to the American Heart Karin you can give them a lift like your breasts.

No more sagging buttocks says psychologist Karin Hart. She was so sorry she lost her round buttocks because of aging, that she cut up an old bra and tied it around her buttocks. Later she extended the design further into a full briefs with support: Bikini-underwear, not to be confused with a piece of a swimsuit, was born.

The Bikini underwear is solid old-fashioned underwear and straps you wear under your buttocks. This will push it up your buttocks and get you a sexy behind.

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